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Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F

Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F

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Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F

Installation method: Will Replace Your Current Gate Handle

Functions: Gate lock can be unlocked using 7 modes

1. Fingerprint
2. PIN Code
3. RFID Tags & Stickers
4. Physical Key
5. Bluetooth
6. WiFi (Optional Upgrade)
7. Remote Control



--> Security Lookout

Keypad or fingerprint access is disabled after several incorrect entries to ensure your property is always secure.

--> Low Battery Alert

An intuitive audio and LED visual alert will prompt you to change the batteries when it runs low.

--> Auto Relock

The Mortise will automatically relock once the door is shut to give you a greater piece of mind

--> Masking Security Code

Heighten security and throw off onlookers by entering random digits before the actual PIN code.

--> Emergency Jumpstart

Easily jumpstart the digital lock with a 9V battery as an emergency measure if batteries are drained.

--> Privacy Mode

Disable all modes of access except Master Bluetooth key to prevent unwanted entries into property.

--> Quiet Unlock

Mute audio indicators while unlocking for quieter access to prevent disturbances

--> Obstruction Alarm

The digital lock will sound an alarm if the bolt tongue cannot be extended or retracted fully to alert the user of any obstructions.

--> Volume Control

Adjust from levels 0 (mute) to 5 (loudest).

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